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Saag Paneer Spice Kit (for upto 10 servings)


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Product Description

Contents: Recipe Card + Spices

Includes 6 spice pouches:

1. Garam Masala

2. Turmeric

3. Chili Powder

4. Cumin Seeds

5. Coriander Powder

6. Dried Fenugreek

Spinach never tasted so good! Scoop of the melt-in-your-mouth saag (spinach) and cubes of fresh paneer (cheese) with crisp hot bread, and you'll know what we mean. The spinach is enhanced with aromatics like ginger and kasthuri methi (dried fenugreek). Paneer is an unaged, curd cheese commonly made fresh in Indian homes. When combined with earthy greens, it creates a dish that is nutritious yet decadent.

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