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Products / Punjabi Chole Spice Kit (for upto 10 servings)

Punjabi Chole Spice Kit (for upto 10 servings)


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Product Description

Contents: Recipe Card + Spices + Jute bag

Includes 6 spice pouches:

1. Chole Masala

2. Chili Powder

3. Amchur (Dried Mango Powder)

4. Cumin Seeds

5. Bay Leaves

Punjabi Chole is a popular Indian dish that originated in the northern state of Punjab. Legumes are an excellent source of protein and are an integral part of Indian cuisine. This quick stew of chickpeas and spices contains bold and complex flavors. The use of raw mango powder (Amchur) and pomegranate powder present in the chole masala powder adds a distinctive tartness and depth to this simple dish.

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