Saffron Fix is now Global Belly

Washed, peeled and chopped

We prep, you cook

Fortune favors the bold

Indian food has always been popular – but the process of cooking it, rather daunting. Saffron Fix’s goal is to demystify Indian flavors and make it easy  for everyone. Our chef-designed recipes will teach and inspire you to  cook Indian dishes like a pro, and our pre-chopped ingredients will help  you do it in half the time. 

A Saffron Fix meal-kit brings the makings of a specially designed  Indian meal straight to your doorstep so you don’t have to worry about  the shopping or chopping and can jump right to the cooking! Our kits include:      

1. Step-by-Step Chef-Tested Recipes      

2. Pre-Chopped Premium Quality Ingredients (including meat and vegetables)

3. Hard-to-Find Spices and Breads